Today, DJT ended the post-post cold war with Russia and agreed to ignore what 17  intelligence agencies have concluded based on  irrefutable evidence; i.e., that Russia did indeed manipulate the 2016 election.

By agreeing with  the former head of the KGB to characterize the intrusion into our electoral process as fake news, to stand-down and “let  bygones be bygones,”  DJT believes that he can now go full speed ahead with his cronies, his pseudo (a.k.a. “fake”) cabinet, his family and continue to reap the financial benefits and perks befitting his ascendancy to the throne. The narcotic effect of his narcissism has him banking on the implausible idea  that whatever the special prosecutor turns up will be overshadowed by the public applause for his diplomatic coup in securing lasting economic and diplomatic ties with Russia.

But of course, this was never about making America great again, it was and always has been about the higher purpose of DJT, his ascendancy and the obliteration of the  Obama legacy.

Making obscene amounts of money while taking advantage of every vendor, buying public officials, bankrupting shell companies, having a license to be the lecherous genital grabbing, Peeping Tom that he was and is, was not nearly enough for the Donald. Being the Count of “reality” television was not enough for the Donald.  What he needed, wanted, pined for, and had to mainline into his veins, was to be admired and applauded on the biggest stage he could imagine, the U.S. Presidency.

Every day that the Donald had to wake up and hear about the accomplishments of Barack Obama, to be tortured by the adoration of his supporters and their admiration of Obama’s urbane, intellectual, and poised approach to his office, fueled DJT’s rage.  So by hook and by crook, he knew from his gorilla-fighting business tactics, that lying, conflating, obscuring, race and ethnic baiting, pandering, false promising,  alliances with traditional adversaries and shrill lecturing and ridiculing of traditional allies were not only permissible, but mandatory to win the prize he sought, deity status, albeit atheistic deity status.


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