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For the first 42 years of my adult life I was a practicing attorney. I provided advice and services to government, non-profit companies, and to an array of clients large, small and medium size law firms. Eventually, I acted as Chief Counsel to various healthcare and life science companies including two hospital systems, a cutting edge clinical laboratory and several biotechnology companies. Along the way, I found time to lecture and teach a variety of business, government and legal courses. Before leaving the Philadelphia area, I was an Adjunct Professor in the Masters program at Widener University in Delaware, teaching a course in Global Anti-Corruption and Bribery. In 2017, I retired to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, with the objective of enriching my life and the lives others by doing things I always wanted to, playing to my gifts, my passions and my experience. Today, I host a radio show on WPVM FM (wpvmfm.org), write blogs, post on social media, teach, and act in community theater, sing in the symphony choruses in the Asheville area. On my radio show, The World According to Mark, I talk about and interview guests on a variety of governmental, legal and social issues affecting Western North Carolina, the US and the world.

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